Hairline Inc offer a guaranteed, unparalleled, non-surgical solution to hair loss
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP tattoo of the hairline and scalp) is the number one solution to hair loss; an awe inspiring treatment that can transform the appearance of an individual. Organic pigments are deposited during the hair tattoo into the dermis of the scalp to perfectly replicate the appearance of shaved hair. Different to a hair transplant, micro scalp pigmentation is an affordable and realistic solution to male pattern baldness and alopecia in both genders, through which the appearance of a totally full and complete head of hair is achievable. Micro pigmentation involves no down time and there is very little pain involved. Any redness following the stubble tattoo procedure usually subsides within the first few hours, and most clients are surprised with how little they feel and how comfortable they are throughout their procedure.


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